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Mustique, The Grenadines

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Hello friends!

Another awesome card I got from Tia! Thank you so much, I love it!

Mustique is a small private island that is part of St Vincent and the Grenadines. The island is one of a group of islands called the Grenadines, most of which are part of St Vincent and the Grenadines, in the West Indies. The island is located within Grenadines Parish, an administrative area of the country.

Tia tells me that Mustique is a private island which is home of the rich and destiation of the famous. The island is owned by a company which rents out villas.

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Tobago Cays, the Grenadines

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Hello friends!

Here goes my second postcards from the Grenadines! Awesome card! Thank you Tia!

The Tobago Cays are an archipelago comprising five small uninhabited islands – Petit Rameau, Petit Bateau, Baradol, Petit Tobac and Jamesby – located in the Southern Grenadines. The Tobago Cays are now the key element of the Tobago Cays Marine Park, a national park and wildlife preserve run by the St.Vincent and the Grenadines government.

Btw I have to mention this, at Saint Vincent and the Grenadines they speak a very nice creole ♥ Tia is teaching me some 😀

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parrots, Saint Vincent


Hello my friends!

Another gorgeous card I got from Regine! Thank you very much!!

Saint Vincent is an island in the West Indies (Carribean).

Surely a wonderful place to go on vacations ♥

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