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ad-Dahna Desert, Saudi-Arabia

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مرحبا أصدقاء

Yay! Another missing country is off my list! I received this great card via an instagam swap with Svetlana. Thank you so much, I love this card! Especially the “Desert Post” stamp 😀

The ad-Dahna Desert is the central division of the Arabian Desert. It is a corridor of sandy terrain forming a bow-like shape that connects an-Nafud desert in the north to Rub’ al-Khali desert in the south. Its length is more than 1,000 km siding Twaik Mountains from the east and does not exceed 80 km in width. It is also considered the geographical margin separating Al-Ahsa Province from Najd. Al-Dahna Desert is therefore the string that connects the great deserts of Saudi Arabia.

Did you know?

Ninety-five percent of the country is considered a desert or semidesert, and it has some of the largest desert areas, including An Nafud and Rub al-Khali. Only 1.45% of the land is arable.

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