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Informal Settlement, South Africa


Hallo vriende!

Here comes a gorgeous card I received via official postcrossing from Lorna! I love it 😀 And Lorna does too she tells me that she loves the smile on these kids faces! Me too! ♥

Did you know?

South Africa is quite a multi-ethnic and multicultural society with one of the most diversified cultures and laguages in the world. There are 11 official languages recognized in the constitution of South Africa. There is no other country in the world that has as much official languages as South Africa.

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Zulu children, South Africa

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sawubona abangani!

Here goes a B-E-autiful postcard from South Africa! Isn’t it just amazing!!?! I got this from my friend Anne-Catherine who went to South Africa to build a school. Very admirable. Thank you Anne-Catherine that you thought of me ♥

The Zulu are an ethnic group of South Africa. It is estimated that there are 10-11 million zulu people living in South Africa what makes them also the biggest ethnic group in South Africa. They also have their own language, which is also called Zulu.

I love this card ♥

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Southern Drakensberg, South Africa

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Gorgeous official card from South Africa! Thank you very much Carla!

The Drakensberge (“Dragons mountains”) are the mountains in South Africa near the border to Lesotho. There is a national park which stands under the UNESCO World Heritage.

A gorgeous card and it seems like a wonderful place! Drakensberge seems like a great name! I wonder why they are called like this…

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Johannesburg, South Africa

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Jupiduu! A new card for my growing collection! Thank you very much Ruhan! Btw, Ruhan has a very nice blog about postcards too. You can take a look at it ♥here♥.

I like the stamps Ruhan used, although it is kind of sad that there is no postmark.

Do you know the feeling of knowing something 100% for sure and than it turns out, you were wrong all the time? Well, I always thought Johannesburg was the capital of South Africa. Shoking news from wikipedia – It is not! Apparently there are three (!) capital cities: PretoriaBloemfontein and Cape Town. One of each for every power (executive, legistlative and judicative). I have never heard of any other country with more than one capital, but somehow it is a really good idea.

Great card!

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