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Alishan forest Railway, Taiwan



A real special card I received from Apirak. Apirak, once again, thank you so much! And concerning the confession you made – of course I do NOT mind at all 😀 I love to receive your cards and if it is of use to you when I publish them, it makes me even more happy. I created a new category ***traveling with Apirak, so it is easier to acces all your cards 🙂

The Alishan Forest Railway is an 86 km network of 762 mm narrow gauge railways running up to and throughout the popular mountain resort of Alishanin Chiayi County, Taiwan. The railway, originally constructed for logging, is itself a tourist attraction with unique Z-shaped switchbacks, 50 tunnels, and over 77 wooden bridges.

I love the chery blossom trees. They look so beautiful.

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Chiufen, Taiwan



I received another card from Apirak! Seems like he is coming around a lot, this card comes from Taiwan! Thank you very much Apirak! And BTW Peanut ice cream rolls sound awesomly yummy!

Chiufen, is a mountain area in the Ruifang District of New Taipei City near Keelung, Taiwan.

It seems like it is a beautiful little village in the mountains which old streets were model to quite some chinese movies (Spirited away for example – love this movie!) And these chinese lampions are just beautiful, don’t you think?

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Kaohsiung Harbor, Taiwan

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This came from Lea from Taiwan! Thank you very much!!

The Port of Kaohsiung is the largest harbor in Taiwan, handling approximately 10 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) worth of cargo in 2007. The port is located in southern Taiwan, adjacent to Kaohsiung City, surrounded by the city districts of Gushan, Yancheng, Lingya, Cianjhen, Siaogang, and Cijin. It is operated by Taiwan International Ports Corporation, the Taiwan’s only state-owned harbor management company.

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Teipei City, Taiwan No.2

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Here goes the second card I got from Teipei city! Thank you Crystal!

On the card you can see the Teipei 101, a very famous landmark of Teipei.

Taipei 101, formerly known as the Taipei World Financial Center, is a landmark skyscraper located in Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan. The building ranked officially as the world’s tallest from 2004 until the opening of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2010. In July 2011, the building was awarded LEED Platinum certification, the highest award in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system and became the tallest and largest green building in the world. Taipei 101 was designed by C.Y. Lee & partners and constructed primarily by KTRT Joint Venture. In 2001, TFCC handed over the entire construction authority to Samsung C&T Corporation to expedite the process and to save KTRT Joint Venture’s loss. The construction was finished in 2004. The tower has served as an icon of modern Taiwan ever since its opening. Fireworks launched from Taipei 101 feature prominently in international New Year’s Eve broadcasts and the structure appears frequently in travel literature and international media.

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Temple Roof, Taiwan



Here goes the third card I got from Peggy! Thank you very much!!

Chinese dragons are legendary creatures in Chinese mythology and folklore. In Chinese art, dragons are typically portrayed as long, scaled, serpentine creatures with four legs. In yin and yang terminology, a dragon is yang and complements a yin fenghuang (“Chinese phoenix”).

Chinese dragons traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, hurricane, and floods. The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck. With this, the Emperor of China usually used the dragon as a symbol of his imperial power and strength.

In Chinese daily language, excellent and outstanding people are compared to the dragon while incapable people with no achievements are compared with other, disesteemed creatures, such as the worm. A number of Chinese proverbs and idioms feature references to the dragon, for example: “Hoping one’s son will become a dragon” (望子成龍, i.e. be as a dragon).

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Sea of clouds, Tashan Mountain, Taiwan



Here goes another lovely card I got from Peggy! Thank you very much!!

I was not able to find any informations about this mountain! So if you know something – please share!

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edit: Peggy helped me find a nice page with more informations! Have a look up here

Boat Launching, Tao(Yami), Lanyu, Taitung, Taiwan



Lovely card from Taiwan! Thank you Peggy!!! There are some nice touchies over here ;D

The Yami people have always depended primarily on the sea for their livelihood, a fact which is reflected in their unique culture. The men, for example, wear narrow loincloths for convenience when fishing or hunting; they use richly decorated canoes; they traditionally live in semi-subterranean houses for protection against typhoons and the torrid heat of summer; and they perform elaborate ceremonies when they launch a new boat or begin the annual flying fish season. These cultural features, among others, make the Yami intensely interesting to visitors.

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