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Ortoire, Mayaro Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago

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Hello friends!

I got this really lovely card from Shane in Trinidad & Tobago! Thank you very much! Shane also just started a postcard blog. Check it out ♥here

On this card you can see the Ortoire river in the east on Trinidad in the Mayaro county. I like the little boats on the side! ♥

I send love!


Seining in Castara, Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies

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Hello Friends!

Now I got another pearl for my collection! This one is from Trinidad & Tobago! Thank you so much Reinelle!
Actually Reinelle had so send me 3 cards until this one finally arrived! I am so greatful Reinelle kept sending me cards. I so love this one!
I love the stamps! Aren’t they just BEAUTIFUL! I like it very much when the people put as much stamps as possible on the cards. To my shame I have to admit I do not do stick often more than one stamp. I am just sooo lazy.

I send love!

Whitehall, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

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Hello friends!

YEAHHHH!!! Another missing country was banished from my list!! I have got Trinidad and Tobago! Thank you so much Valini! ♥

Port of Spain, also written as Port-of-Spain, is the capital of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and the country’s third-largest municipality, after San Fernando and Chaguanas. The city has a municipal population of 49,031 (2000 census), a metropolitan population of 128,026 (1990 unofficial estimate)and a transient daily population of 250,000. It is located on the Gulf of Paria, on the northwest coast of the island of Trinidad and is part of a larger conurbation stretching from Chaguaramas in the west to Arima in the east with an estimated population of 600,000.

On the card you can see the White Hall, the office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.

I send love ♥