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Ephesus, Turkey


Merhaba arkadaşlar!

Here goes a card from Turkey! Thank you Gigdem!

The card shows the ancient roman city in Anatolia: Ephesus.

Las year I went to Turkey with my Susischmusi! I really think it is a nice country 🙂

I send love!


Alanya, Turkey

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arkadaşlar merhaba!

A nice card I got from Ting from Taiwan! Thank you very much Ting ^^

Alanya, is a beach resort city and a component district of Antalya Province in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey, 166 kilometres (103 mi) from the city of Antalya. On the southern coast of Turkey, the district (which includes the city and its built-up area) has an area of 1,598.51 km2 and (2010 Census) 248,286 inhabitants (city 98,627).

I send love!

Side, Turkey

arkadaşlar merhaba!

A beautiful card from Turkey! Thank you Susi!

Side  was an ancient Greek city in Anatolia,  in what is now Antalya province, on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It is now a resort town and one of the best-known classical sites in Turkey.

Today, as in antiquity, the ancient city is situated on a small north-south peninsula about 1 km long and 400 m across.

I was there earlier this year with my Susi schmusi! I was great. Below I am going to show some pictures I took.

And here you get 10 facts about Turkey:

Fact 1:
Original homeland of Tulip is Turkey
Fact 2:
The Seven Churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation are all in Turkey
Fact 3:
The Turks introduced coffee to Europe
Fact 4:
The word “turquoise” comes from “Turk” derived from the crystal blue Mediterranean
Fact 5:
Legendary city Troy is in Turkey
Fact 6:
St John, St Paul and St Peter lived and prayed in Anatolia
Fact 7:
Scholars agree that Noah’s Ark landed on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey
Fact 8:
Homer, King Midas, Herodotus and St Paul the Apostle were born in Turkey
Fact 9
St Nicholas was born and lived in Demre, Turkey
Fact 10:
Turkish Cuisine is regarded as one of the best cuisine in the world


Antalya, Turkey

arkadaşlar merhaba!

My first postcard from Turkey! Thank you Susi! Great Great Great!

Earlier this year me and my Susischmusi actually were in Antalya! It has been really super, although we didn’t went in main season and so most of the people who stayed there were old people and so every turkish man in the area under 50 thought we were interested in them. (We weren’t, really we wearen’t ^^) But it was so funny talking to the people there, they were so kind! And about 80% were able to talk german. My friend really fell in love with the turkish language, we’ll see if she is gonna leran it one day.
I put you some pictures I took in Antalya. Hope you like them!

I send love!

p.s.: For all you Germans:  Sagt mal ganz oft hintereinander das Wort Moschee. Hihi, ich bin kindisch ich weiß ^^