“Hello Friends!” in YOUR language!

Hello Friends!

As you all my have noticed I start every post with the words “Hello friends!” in the language from the country the postcard comes from!

This is sometimes really difficult. I would like to ask you to post the words “Hello friends” in your own language! This would help me a lot!

And please don’t forget to tell what language it was 😉


31 responses to ““Hello Friends!” in YOUR language!

  1. Hallo Freunde!! This is german 🙂

  2. In Dutch Hallo vriend 😀

  3. Terry Lovell, Arkansas, USA

    Hello, friends.
    Howdy, partners!
    Hi, peeps!
    G’day, mates!

  4. Servus Spezl! in bairisch 😀

  5. Merhaba arkadaşlar … türk language ! 🙂

  6. kamusta kaibigan (tagalog language)

  7. Halo Teman!
    Halo Sahabat!
    Halo Sobat!
    in Bahasa Indonesia 🙂

  8. Buna(Salut),prieteni-romanian

  9. Hello friends
    G’day mates
    Howdy everybody, all in Australian English.

  10. Apa khabar, kawan
    (Malay language)

  11. Здравейте, приятели! -> Bulgarian 🙂

  12. Γειά σας φίλοι ! (Greek )
    Salam dostlar ( Azerbaijani )

  13. Olá Amigos! (portuguese)

  14. ¡Hola amigos! (Español)

  15. Ahoj přátelé! (Czech) 🙂

  16. Moin, Moin – Norddeutsch ;-D

  17. Mabuhay kaibigan! (Tagalog Language – Pilipinas)

  18. In Afrikaans, like in Dutch, Hallo vriend 😀

  19. tschou zämä – in swiss bernese dialect german

  20. Servus – no explanation needed 😉

  21. namaskar doston! (hindi-India)
    hello mitra(marathi-India)

  22. Здравейте, приятели (Zdraveite, priyateli) – Bulgarian. 😛

  23. Dia Daoibh a cairde (Irish)

  24. مرحبا أصدقائي
    That’s in Arabic 🙂

  25. Shkẽ̀ũk yàmĩ
    This is in a local indigenous language of Costa Rica named Bribri

  26. Kumusta Kaibigan! (Tagalog)
    Marhay na Aldaw! (Good day!) — A dialect from my hometown.

  27. Hei ystävät! (Finnish) 🙂

  28. Привет, друзья – it’s Russian
    שלום חברים _ it’s Hebrew

  29. Kia ora or Tena koutou are greetings in Maori (One of New Zealand’s three official languages)

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