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Two-toes Sloth, Guyana

Scan_20150117Scan_20150117 (2)

Hello friends!

Here goes another nice card I got from Guyana via postcardsunited! Thank you Nigel! It seems like the stamp was stolen 😦 This is too bad 😦

Choloepus is a genus of mammals of Central and South America, within the family Megalonychidae consisting of two-toed sloths. The two species of Choloepus (which means “lame foot”), Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth and Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth , are the only surviving members of the family Megalonychidae.

Looks cute,  don’t you think?

I send love!


brasilian parrot


Óla amigos!
I got this great card from Christelle in Brasil. I sure love the two stamps showing the “sapateiro” and the “costureira” I can not speak portuguese (exept no fallo portuguese –I do not speak portuguese). But using my spansish skills I would translate it to “shoemaker” and “tailor”.They look pretty cute, don’t they?

I send love!

Natural wild life, Thekkaay, Kerala, India


हैलो दोस्तों

Renju from India stepped by my blog and we managed to swap cards. This is what he sent me from his beautiful country. Or as the indians say, from gods own country.
This scenery was taken in Kerala in southwestern India. The most popular tourist destination, as Renju tells me.
We also have some deers in Germany, but I have never seen so many in just one place. I like the card very much!
Thanks a lot Renju 🙂

I send love!

cow from the Netherlands



Here goes a cow from Yvonne from the Netherlands! Thank you!
Such a cutie pie ^^



Hello my freinds!

Had been a while since my last post. Did you miss me? I was on vacation in Nepal! Had a wonderful time! Today I got back and lots and lots of cards were waiting foe me! So good!

This Cat came from Seven from China. I love black white cards. I think everything pictured in black white makes everything look like to noble. Don’t you think?

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Koala!


I love this card! It comes from Barbara in Australia!
The card teaches:

The Koala is a nocturnal, tree dwelling marsupial mammal, which feeds almost exclusively on the leaves of a few species of ecalypt. It consumes up to 1 kg of leaves daily, peak feeding being at sunset.
Not to forget: it is just the cutest!


El amor…

007 008

Hello my dear blogreaders!

I got this card from Russia, thank you Anna.

The card is pretty yellowed and there is a postmarked from 1933. Somehow it is really nice 🙂

The card sais:” EL amor me hace más largo!” It is spanish and means: ” The love makes me more longer!” funny ^^

I send love!