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Guangzhou, China

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A nice card I got from the big country China! My thank you to you Wang Min!
This card is coming all the way from Guangzhou in China! It is the third largest city in China – just as Munich is in Germany – but Guangzhou is just a tad bigger haha.

I send love


Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong



I go this awesome card today! Thank you very much Leanna!

This card shows the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong.
Leanna tells me, this harbour was named after the english Queen Victoria.
I love how the city looks. When I was little and we were going by car on a long trip I always enjoyed how the cities looked at night, with all the wonderful lights.
I think it is great how the lights reflect on the water ♥

I send love!

Dunhuang, China

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Here goes a card from China! Thank you Yuhan! Yuhan lives in Korea, so there are korean stamps. Very nice.
I would like to know what the text on the card is saying. :/
Dunhuang is a stop on the chinese silk road. We have salt roads here in Germany. I wonder how it is like to travel through the desert.

I send love!

Temple of the God of Justice, Macau

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One of the rare pearls I got from official postcrossing! Thank you Dennis!

Macau was a former portuguese colony and today it belongs to China. It is very famous for its casinos.
The temple of God of Justice was originally a merchant club house in down town. Its function of a temple was formed because the shrineof th God of Justiccee inside the house!

Great card and great stamps!

I send love!

Baiquan at Hui County, China

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This came to me via official postcrossing from China! Thank you Liang Yu!

Bainquan at Hui County.Baiquan is a county of western Heilongjiang province.

I could not find very much about this place, but the postcard sais, that it is a very famous place in China.

I send love!

Nanjing Grand Theatre (now Shanghai Concert Hall), 1929, China

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Ni hao Péngyǒu!

Here goes a nice card from Yumeng from China! Thanks a lot!

Shanghai Concert Hall  is located on the intersection of Yan’an Rd and South Tibet Rd of Huangpu District, Shanghai. It was founded in 1930, originally named Nanjing Drama Hall. In 1949, it adopted the name Beijing Cinema. In 1959, it was named Shanghai Concert Hall till today.

The hall can accommodate 1,122 seats, 640 on the ground floor and 482 on the second floor. The stage is 8.35 metres by 16 metres, covering around 100 sq. metres.

The Concert Hall was designed by a Chinese architect Fan Wen-jiao, but it adopted traditional European style.

In order to make way for Highway on Yan’an Rd, the hall was relocated in 2007. The project embarked at 10 am on April 15, and cost 50 million RMB. The 5800 kiloton concert hall was first lifted 1.7 meters, moved east 66.4 meters, and finally lifted with another 1.7 metres at the new site, using Enerpac hydraulic cylinders. The project concluded on January 1, 2008. The Shanghai Concert Hall reopened on September 26, 2008.

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Lovely card from China! Thank you Bingo Xu! I love this wonderful card!!

Love love!